about the company

Ray Ball Financial Group

At Ray Ball Financial Group, we have built our business on the foundation of servicing our community with exclusive retirement plans and insurance options, carving a pathway towards a secure future. We prioritize the time spent getting to know you- your needs, wants, and goals. And it isn’t until those elements are established that we begin molding a plan built around a successful retirement life. 

We place an emphasis on protecting your assets that you’ve worked a lifetime to acquire, and ensuring peace of mind as you prepare for the next season of life.We place our pride in servicing the tri-state communities of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. We are more than just financial advisors, we are your neighbors and we place your best interest at the forefront of our practice. If you are ready to take your next step towards financial freedom, contact us today!

Ray Ball

President and CEO

Ray Ball, President of Ray Ball Financial Group, has made it his personal mission to enhance the well-being of each of his clients through educating them on the potential risks they face moving into retirement. He takes a 360 degree approach to crafting a plan that will help his clients navigate through the obstacles of uncertainty into the safety of a secure retirement.